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H A Dbarrier.h12 #define wfe() __asm__ __volatile__ ("wfe" : : : "memory") macro
15 #define wfe() do { } while (0) macro
H A Dmcs_spinlock.h14 wfe(); \
H A Dspinlock.h74 wfe(); in arch_spin_lock()
H A Ddelay.c35 wfe(); in __delay()
H A Dsleep.S27 wfe
H A Dsmp.h118 wfe(); in cpu_park_loop()
H A Dbarrier.h18 #define wfe() asm volatile("wfe" : : : "memory") macro
H A Dmcpm_head.S62 wfe
132 wfe
H A Dmcpm_entry.c115 wfe(); in __mcpm_outbound_enter_critical()
H A DbL_switcher.c102 wfe(); in bL_do_switch()
H A Dmachine_kexec.c97 wfe(); in machine_crash_nonpanic_core()
H A Dsmp.c605 wfe(); in ipi_cpu_stop()
H A Dhead.S694 wfe
803 1: wfe
816 wfe
H A Dproc.S252 1: wfe
369 1: wfe
H A Dbooting.txt225 包含在保留区中)。可通过插入 wfe 指令来降低忙循环开销,而主 CPU 将
H A Darm-smmu-v3.c743 static int queue_poll_cons(struct arm_smmu_queue *q, bool sync, bool wfe) in queue_poll_cons() argument
757 if (wfe) { in queue_poll_cons()
758 wfe(); in queue_poll_cons()
954 bool wfe = !!(smmu->features & ARM_SMMU_FEAT_SEV); in arm_smmu_cmdq_insert_cmd() local
959 if (queue_poll_cons(q, false, wfe)) in arm_smmu_cmdq_insert_cmd()
1029 bool wfe = !!(smmu->features & ARM_SMMU_FEAT_SEV); in __arm_smmu_cmdq_issue_sync() local
1037 ret = queue_poll_cons(&smmu->cmdq.q, true, wfe); in __arm_smmu_cmdq_issue_sync()
H A DKconfig332 executing the wfe instruction at a frequency represented as a
336 The main use of the event stream is wfe-based timeouts of userspace
338 on wfe to safeguard against any programming errors in case an expected
H A Dsleep-tegra30.S170 moveq r4, #(1 << 4) @ wfe bitmap
180 subs r3, r3, #1 @ delay as a part of wfe war.
H A Dsleep-tegra20.S480 wfe /* CPU should be power gated here */
H A Dprm_common.c524 wfe(); in omap_prm_reset_system()
H A Dbooting.rst270 contained in the reserved region. A wfe instruction may be inserted